The Church

Success Sanctuary Int'l. (SSI).

This is a church with complete and balanced gospel of good success (I.e. gospel of Jesus Christ).


  1. Propagation of the gospel of Jesus Christ globally.
  2. Teaching and preaching the pure word of God.
  3. Counseling the troubled and confused soul.
  4. Ministering health, deliverance and divine healing.
  5. Helping the needy (widow, orphans, disabled and ….)
  6. Training and teaching God’s end time armies.

7.worshipping God together in the  beauty of His holiness.

Major arms 

 For right prescription and correct dosage, balanced diet and complete meal, real growth and development,  fruitfulness, and all round success. We have the following arms/departments.

  1. Obedient children of success (EPH 6:1, col 3:20)
  2. Success Teenagers for Christ (1Tim 4:12, 2 Tim 2:22)
  3. Dynamic youth of success(Proverb 20:29, Eccl 12:1)
  4. Virtuous women of success (Proverb 31:10)
  5. Faithful men of success (Pro 20:6)
  6. Success ambassadors for Christ(2 Cor 5:20)

Major Departments:

  1. Mission and Evangelism
  2. Education and publication
  3. Publicity and media
  4. Prayer and Intercession
  5. Counseling and welfare
  6. Music
  7. Others